• 7 Ways To Take Your Relationship From Good To Great In No Time

    Let’s face it! Relationships are hard work. The mere fact that careers have been birthed from the difficulty of relationships really underscores how difficult they are (i.e. marriage therapists, divorce attorneys, relationship bloggers, etc.). No matter if you were matched by your best friend, E-Harmony, or Tinder, the real work begins with you and your spouse, not the “experts” pairing you together. But of course, you knew this.

    The “experts” didn’t tell you that your spouse snores heavily at night. They also didn’t tell you your spouse never had a positive figure to model how to be the spouse you seek long-term? And I’m sure they didn’t tell you that although you’re a nice person with an expensive education and a great career, you’re still going to hurt your spouse and your relationship in the process.

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    Photo by Gavin Penor on Unsplash