• Is this for me?

    How Do I Know If This Is For Me?

    If you are currently in a relationship and are not sure if this is the “right” time for counseling, ask yourself the following questions:

    • Do I wish we could communicate better?
    • Do I wish we could “fight” better?
    • Do I struggle with trust in this relationship?
    • Do I feel like I just can’t heal from the hurt?
    • Have I given up hope that my needs will be met?
    • Am I constantly questioning why I am in this relationship?
    • Am I worried that I have hurt my partner beyond repair?


    • Do I struggle with connecting with my children?
    • Am I worried my child is abusing substances, will become involved in the legal system, or worse?
    • Am I worried my child does not have someone they can talk to about their struggles?
    • Has my child shown signs of struggling academically or socially?
    • Does my child behave defiantly towards authority figures to include me?
    • Have I noticed my child isolate his/herself from others?
    • Have I noticed a significant change in my child’s behaviors?

    If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, let’s set up an initial appointment through the form below or by clicking here.